Danish production – high quality, flexibility and service

The Hornbaek moulding manufacturing facilities are centrally placed in Randers, Denmark, and this is where the mouldings are still manufactured with Danish employees behind the machines.

Hornbaek has 100% Danish ownership and we are very proud that we are still able to produce high quality mouldings at competitive prices in Denmark. The fact that we have production in Denmark does give us several advantages also to the benefit of our Danish customers.

"It is my experience through many years, that the fact that we have production in Denmark is experienced as a very good service to our customers" according to Director Erik Bugge, and he continues "We are able to deliver instantly and this provides us with flexibility with regard to our customers. We find it very advantageous that we are close to our customers - it is, anyhow, easier to make a phone call and speak with a Danish member of staff in Randers".

Besides rapid and flexible production it is furthermore much simpler for us to make sure that we always deliver the highest product quality. Our products do not arrive at our customer's place in a closed container from China. We are in control of our products from when we purchase our raw material until our products leave the factory. We only buy certified wood and it is possible for us to hand sort, thus quality assure, our products in our production.

We work only with state-of-art high-technology machines assuring efficient and rapid production and simultaneously ensuring that our products are always razor sharp to measurement.

We work on a long-term plan with continuous production in Denmark as it gives us and our customers substantial advantages.