Hornbaek Group is the largest Danish-owned supplier of profiled mouldings to the construction industry. The product range includes self-manufactured unprocessed wooden mouldings, painted wooden mouldings and recently also MDF and plastic mouldings have been added. Additionally, the Group also offers a wide selection of worktops, both wooden and laminate, as well as shelves, window sills and handiwood. Most recently the Group has expanded the product range with laminate floors and panels. Customers are timber yards and DIY stores all over Scandinavia.


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Profiled mouldings Worktops

Hornbaek was founded in 1947 by Ejlif Bugge. Since then the company has been know as a manufacturer of all types of profiled wooden mouldings for the construction industry. Production facilities are placed in Randers (Denmark), Latvia and Norway.

Hornbaek Baltic placed outside Riga in Latvia is a manufacturer of FSC® certified finger-jointed pine mouldings. Hornbaek Baltic A/S has specialized in white painted mouldings. The mouldings are treated with water-based paint out of concern for nature, workers and consumers.

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Hornbaek Baltic White-painted mouldings


Hornbaek Åsnes List in Norway is a manufacturer of a wide selection of mouldings for the Norwegian market. Further, they produce a wide range of customised profiles. Hornbaek Åsnes List was founded in 1939 as a saw-mill and has subsequently started manufacturing of mouldings. Customers are primarily building material distributors.

Åsnes1  Åsnes2
Hornbaek Åsnes List Production facilities


Hornbaek Scandiwood was founded in 1987 by Iben Svart. Today, Hornbaek Scandiwood has the market's widest range of products in wooden worktops and shelves for the building industry. Products are selected from all parts of the world: Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. The final processing takes place at the factory in Hjørring and includes for instance finish, quality assurance and customer information regarding assembly and maintenance. The majority of our wooden products are FSC® Certified which means that the raw material originates from sustainable forestry which ensures gentle logging, re-planting and professional forest management.

Hornbaek Scandiwood has formed a partnership with Westag &GetaLit AG, one of the leading manufacturers of for instance laminated worktops in Europe. With this partnership we can now offer our customers a full range of worktops for any needs in the building industry.

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 Floors  Wall panels

Hornbaek is owned 98% by JPS Clemens A/S who has a mission to invest in well-managed companies with active ownership and expanded value in mind.